As a kid, I craved certainty — a trait that was reinforced by my religious upbringing 
And five short practices that can help
Do you consider acting heroic? What about singing? Playing guitar? Writing poems? 
I heard Kay call me from the next room. “Umm, can you come here please? There’s a big spider in the kitchen …”
The very day I hit Send on my last newsletter, the one about not calling out my neighbor on a comment he made that needed to be called out — I got…
A couple years after 9/11, a new family moved in next door to us. I remember thinking it would be nice to not be the newest family on our street…
How to get out of a hole
After a few weeks, I got used to seeing the Pride flag on my car. Pretty soon, I felt happy seeing it there. It had been a small gesture, but it felt…
And why it's a feminist act to do so
When is it not my business? And when does it become my business?
Why is it so uncomfortable to point out Whiteness?
Why would I want to go somewhere like that??