What is Be Your Own Hero?

Being heroic isn’t about comic books and superhuman acts. To me, being a hero is about being brave in small moments, the ones you think maybe nobody notices but you.

Be Your Own Hero is a monthly newsletter about the bravery required of everyday life, about being vulnerable, courageous, and kind even when we don’t feel like it. Especially when we don’t feel like it. It’s for celebrating the victories and commiserating in the failures when we put ourselves out there—in our creative lives, in our community lives, in our family lives. It’s for everyone, especially me, who’s willing to courageously learn their way out of ignorance, be called in when it’s called for, and do better when they know better.

Along the way I’ll share my own publications and performances as well as point to books, essays, films, podcasts, and people who exemplify courage in everyday life. I will aim to amplify marginalized voices and acknowledge my position of privilege while hopefully encouraging you to join me in a different kind of hero’s journey.

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Louise Julig (she/her/hers) is a creative nonfiction writer living in Southern California on Kumeyaay lands. She writes personal essays and flash nonfiction, and also has a weird compunction to read slightly embarrassing true stories in front of a bar full of people (when that becomes a thing again) at the VAMP storytelling showcase in San Diego.