Be Your Own Hero

Why write about being brave in small moments?

Welcome to Be Your Own Hero by me, Louise Julig. The idea behind this newsletter came to me when I realized that all the writing I have put out into the world initially made me feel kind of terrified. But after I actually went through with it I felt quite brave. I realized I was being the kind of person I looked up to, and it was incredibly empowering.

I’m starting Be Your Own Hero as a way to celebrate the courage that is required of everyday life and to acknowledge that we don’t have to wait for someone else to be brave. I hope you’ll join me on this different kind of hero’s journey by subscribing below.

Be Your Own Hero will come out approximately every four to six weeks. If you sign up and don’t get any emails, they might be going to your junk or “Promotions” folder. Leave a comment for me if you have any problems. Oh, and there’s a little more about me on the About page for this site.

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